Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So this summer has been a lot of fun but super super hard! Not just because Melissa moved away and Laura kidnapped my daughter and is hiding in Texas but also because of summer classes! Sky will be graduating with his Bachelors in December and wants to go to 20 different law schools but the one he especially wants to go to is different than the rest and lets you start in January! I really want to go there as well since it is in Texas which means I can reclaim my Livy and it is way hot which is my kind of weather! So I knew in order for that to be possible I had to get on the ball and graduate in December as well so the only way that could happen is if I took summer classes/12 credits. Now that the summer semester is over I can honestly say I will NEVER take summer classes again but I'm glad I did it because now I'm on track to graduate with my Associates in December and I ended up getting 2 A's and 1 -A so it was worth it but it was stressful. Also I didn't get much of a summer because spring classes ended beginning of May and summer started mid-May and ended August 5 and fall starts August 24 aka tomorrow so pretty much I have crammed a whole summer into these last 18 days and this is what I did.........

August 6-9 Mom visited!!!
Saturday we had dinner with Lynn and Drew, got SubFreeze icecream, and watched movies.
Sunday we had dinner at Laura's (grilled chicken and my special funeral potato recipes), celebrated Laura Bday with a cupcake buffet tea party, and Laura opened presents.
Monday-Tuesday Mom and I spent the night at Laura's and helped her pack but also messed around and just had fun then I took Mom to the airport.
Also we tricked Laura with trick candles! It was pretty hilarious she freaked out!

August 10-13 I worked 3-9 everyday except Saturday I worked 11-5 and I pretty much drove down to Provo everyday to help Laura finish packing and to just spend as much time as I could with her and Livy until they moved on Saturday, not gonna lie saying goodbye was as hard if not harder than the day we said goodbye when she left me at home to go to college. This goodbye was harder though because of Livy, I just held her and cried, it really felt like my child was being taken away from me, I still tear up thinking about it. Aunt Vicki took some pics of us before the big bawl fest so I'll have to post those later.

August 14-16 I got to visit Amy, Mike, and the twins and San Fran and this trip definately cheered me up!
Sunday I flew to San Fran w/Mike since he had been in Utah for a wedding, we all ate at Buckhorn which has the best burgers which is my favorite food so I'm still dreaming about that food, then we hung out at this outside mall, went home and ate the yummy cupcakes Amy had bought, just hung out then went to the beach.
Monday Amy spent the whole day dejunking and I watched the twins which was a blast, I massaged Amy and Mike, and we had blueberry pancakes for dinner which is my fav!
Tuesday Amy and I just hung out, went to CostCo, Amy forced me to eat sick CostCo sushi lol, we went to her ghetto garden and she let me pick some corn!, we piled in the car and drove into the city and picked up Mike and checked out the Golden Gate Bridge and got some food and then I flew home! The funny thing though is that the fog was so crazy that I couldn't see the bridge which is actually the second time I have tried to see the bridge and it hasn't worked out! Lol I will someday see that stupid bridge though!!!

August 17 Had lunch and ran errands with Sky before work then afterwards helped Melissa move by watching the kids but then afterwards we got to hang out for hours and talk but then we had to say goodbye which sucked pretty bad.
August 18 Hung out with Angela all day before work and helped her dye her hair!
August 19 Had lunch and hung out downtown at the Blue Lemon with Tenna and Linda, that really cheered me up, before work.
August 20 Worked all day then went on a date with Sky.
August 21 Hung out with my in-laws all day!
August 22 Run a million errands and go tanning - my favorite thing, then Sky got to come home from work early so we got some take out and had a picnic at the park and fed the ducks then I finally got to talk to Laura for the first time in forever so we talked for 2 hours.
August 23 Is today and has been deemed as "LAZY DAY" so I am not going to do anything today and thats that since school starts tomorrow!
So all in all I'd have to say I'm happy with everything I got to do in my 18 days of freedom and when I start school tomorrow I know I'll be okay because I finally now feel like I got to enjoy a REAL summer (even though we did have that vacation to Vegas at the beginning of the summer)!