Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rockford Bday Trip 10/12/11 - 10/18/11

According to Amy I have no excuses why I'm behind on my blogging! So the next couple posts will hopefully catch me all up! So here I go... in 2011 instead of getting a gift from my parents for mine and Sky's birthday we chose to get a trip instead! This is the same thing I did last year for my birthday, except I took the trip in the summer, and I loved every minute of it! So here is a breakdown of the trip, it was literally action packed, I think we really wore Dad out! =D

Wednesday the 12th
-Fly from Salt Lake to Chicago
-Drive home from the airport with Dad
-Have a delicious salmon dinner prepared by Mom
-Hang out and relax

Thursday the 13th
-Wake up at 5 am to get ready
-Go to seminary with Mom where Sky helped teach the lesson
-Get home and have a breakfast experience with KAS! (while Sky and Mom napped lol)
-Lunch at Beef A Roo
-Cherry Valley Mall
-Snack at Chipotle
-Bday dinner at JMK Nippon

Friday the 14th
-Drive to Chicagoland!
-Take the food tour Mom and Dad took for their Christmas present from all the kids last year!
-Shedd Aquarium
-Drive back to Rockford
-Wesley Football Game
-RED MANGO! A first for both Sky and I!
-Watched Thor and Footloose

Saturday the 15th
-Drive to the airport
-Skyler's first ride in a helicopter! We flew all along Lake Michigan then through the skyscrapers of Chicago and then back! It was a PRICELESS experience, one I will never forget!
-Edward's Apple Orchard!
-Made Wesley's homecoming dates corsage - Mom and I are opening a business cause we rocked at making that corsage.... TEAMWORK Yeah!
-Went and took Wesley's homecoming pics
-Got free pizza, thanks to Jordan, for dinner
-Went to an AMAZING orchestra concert at the Coronado put on by the Rockford Symphony Orchestra and 2 Broadway singers, this was my fav because I got to see Mr. Beert for the first time in 4 years and Sky finally got to meet him, it was so good to see him and catch up

Sunday the 16th
-Road trip to NAUVOO
-Carthage tour
-Picnic lunch/dinner on the banks of the Mississippi, Mom made it quite gourmet! lol
-Drive around Nauvoo and the temple and then home

Monday the 17th
-Sleep in and chill all day
-Thai Hut for lunch, my fav thai restaurant because the food is perfect and they have these booths where you sit on mats with your shoes off
-Take a walk around the neighborhood
-Sky and I snuck away for some alone time and a snack at our fav Beef A Roo! Yes this was the second time we ate there on this vacation but we can't help it there are no Beef a Roos in Utah!
-Mom made a delicious dinner and we just hung out

Tuesday the 18th
-Woke up early and Dad drove us to the airport
-Flew home (I should mention for some reason flying standby with Sky has been freakishly amazing, everytime we make our first flight we try for, get good seats, and get to sit next to each other, he is my good luck charm for sure! But the downside is he doesn't believe of my nightmare standby stories!)
-Drove straight from the Salt Lake Airport to the University of Utah so Sky could make it JUST in time for the big law school fair he needed to go to!
-Went home, unpacked, and took a much needed nap!

This trip was by far my most favorite trip Sky and I have taken together! It was absolutely perfect! It was really the first time Dad and Sky got to spend real quality time together and the first time in a while for Dad and I as well. We were so grateful he took the whole week off to be with us and for everything Mom did! We look forward to many more vacations with Mom and Dad!