Saturday, December 1, 2012

Whooo's Nursery?!

My goal was to have the hospital bag packed and the nursery & Christmas shopping done by midnight on November 30th. I am happy to say I achieved this goal, I am ready for this baby to come! So without further ado I give you the most owltastic nursery of all time!

As you walk in the door this is what you see.

Turn to the left and you have the closet with all of his super cute clothes, diapers, baby tub, stroller etc. 

Then turn to the right and all of the following pics are as if you were in the room turning clockwise. 

I like to call this Quinton's reading nook cause its got his comfy pouf chair and books! Also if you're wondering there are 160 leaves on that tree, that's right by hand I put up each leaf one by one. 

Now I have to give a shout out to Amy! She REALLY outdid herself, she sewed all the bedding, the pouf chair, and the adorable owl pillow! AMAZING! She's the best I really owe her one. 

This swing is amazing, I hope Quinton loves it cause it does virtually everything and it had the cute bird mobile so I had to get the matching bird thing for pictures, etc. 

This picture line will be a thousand times cuter once I can actually put real pics of Quinton up, but for now the ultrasound pics and other cute things will do. The baby announcement on there is for my friend's baby and she took those pics and she will be doing Quinton's pics as well! 

The picture frames were bought at a vintage store then Mallory helped me sand and paint them! Then I went over to Cindy's to sew the changing pad cover but she ended up doing it all for me, I didn't complain! ;D 


Thursday, November 15, 2012


One of my goals in life is to do a session in every temple. So when we found out in the spring that we were moving I realized we really needed to get a move on with getting to at least all the Utah temples! And let me just say getting to all the Utah temples was quite an ordeal! It was totally worth it though since each temple is so different and unique! I could really go into so much detail about all the different things I loved about each temple but this post is going to be too long as it is so I'll spare you all. I will say though that nothing brings me more joy than going to the temple. I couldn't help including these pics from where it all began, I love these, Sky and I look so young!

So here is the list with pictures and an explanation.....................

1. Ogden - we couldn't go since it was and still is being renovated

2. Brigham City - we couldn't go since it was under construction, however it was dedicated in September so we can go now and I'd like to if we make it back to Utah in January

3. Provo City Center - we couldn't go since it was and still is under construction

4. Payson - this one as well is still under construction

5. St. George - we went to St. George back in October 2009 with Sky's cousin Derek on our way down to taking a vacation for my birthday in Vegas, we barely made it for the last session of the day and it was way dark and I forgot to take a picture since it was all super rushed but that was a 5 hour drive

6. Salt Lake City - we have been so many times to Salt Lake I've lost count since we pretty much lived down the street from it, and we didn't have time before the move to run and take a pic

7. Jordan River - Sky's parents got sealed in Jordan River and after Sky and I went out to Illinois, to get my endowments taken out in Nauvoo, Jordan River was the first temple we went through together before we got married, since then we have been countless times since its a 10 min drive from Sky's parents house which was about a 25 min drive from our house

8. Manti - we had to take a trip to visit Sky's grandparents to get to Manti, its about a 2 hour drive away, I blogged about this trip back in January


9. Draper - we got sealed in Draper and since then have also gone back countless times since Draper is also a short 10 min drive from Sky's parents house

10. Bountiful - it was easy to get to Bountiful since it was only about a 25 min drive from our house

11. Oquirrh Mountain - it was easy to get to Oquirrh Mountain as well just about a 40 min drive

12. Mount Timpanogos - it also took us about 40 min to get to Mount Timpanogos

13. Provo - once again just a short 50 min drive 

14. Monticello - after moving to Utah I quickly realized how popular of a vacation destination Moab was since there are two gorgeous parks there (Arches & Canyonlands), I had always wanted to go and when we discovered the Monticello temple was located close to there it was a done deal, we did the 5 hour drive and spent 4 days exploring the parks and visiting the temple

15. Logan - it took us about 2 hours to get to Logan, Mom had actually just flown in so we swung by the airport and got her on the way up, getting to Logan was kind of an all day event

16. Vernal - we decided to go through Vernal on our move out to Nebraska even though it added on several hours to the car ride but it was worth it since that route takes you through Colorado and I felt we needed to visit Grandma & Grandpa, this however ended up being a bad idea cause turns out they had to stop the session so Sky could go throw up and then we got a ticket in Colorado lol good times, but Vernal was a 3 1/2 hour drive, after we took this picture Sky told me he was "all templed out" I laughed and said he'd been a great sport so I wouldn't drag him all around to another temple again for a while  


Glider Before and After

There are many things you find out when you are pregnant for the first time that shock you. One of them is how expensive baby stuff is, for instance gliders! They can range anywhere from $150 at WalMart to $650 at high end baby furniture stores! After looking for one for months I finally decided to just go with the cheapest one at WalMart because luckily it was on sale for $130 instead of $150 and someone had given me a gift card to WalMart at the Utah baby shower. However, as I was waiting for it to be shipped to me I discovered this little gem at Salvation Army for only $20.

After calling Amy to see if I could really do this project, since I had never done a sewing before and after project, and she assured me I could I bought it and didn't look back. I bought the fabric online for $30 and the spray paint from WalMart for $15. Wesley sanded and spray painted the chair for me and my friend Teriann helped me with the reupholstering! The finished product was well worth all the time and hassle!


It's A Boy! - Omaha, NE

At this point in the pregnancy my brain is pretty much shot so I totally forgot to take pics until the end as people are cleaning up and leaving and then after they left, so everything was super cute but the pics don't do the best of showing that. 

The Invitation

The Food

Little Details

Zach is holding one of the cute balloons that were all over the room that say It's A Boy! as did the plates, cups, napkins, and decorations. It was all super cute! 

The People


Mother To Bee - Rockford, IL

The Invitation

The Food

The Party Favors

Little Details

The Presents

The People