Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

I know a lot of people like to say they don't like Vday or don't celebrate it or whatever. But COME ON!!! Who wouldn't love waking up to find a love letter, flowers, ear rings, and chocolate covered strawberries on your kitchen table? I can not lie my husband is perfect! =D



I would have to say that January 2012 was by far my most favorite month of my marriage. Sky accepted his new job offer Jan 17th but his training didn't start until Feb 6th which meant we had the whole month to spend together. Having him home all day everyday was the best! I still worked my 3 shifts a week but by the time I got home he would have made me dinner, cleaned the whole house, and done all the dishes! When I wasn't working we would just hang out and go shopping and go out to lunch and just enjoy each others company and watch movies! One super fun thing we did was take a trip to Manti which is literally in the middle of no where in Utah! There is a beautiful temple there that I have always wanted to go to and Sky's grandparents live there! So we drove the 3 hours to get there and stayed with his grandparents in their HUGE log cabin, went to the temple, hung out, and ate good food. Sky's grandpa collects and fixes up old cars so I have included the cool pics we took of them since I promised Dad I would! I must say now that Sky has been back to work for a week and a half I am not a happy camper, I have no idea how I'm going to handle him going through law school and being a lawyer because I know I'll never get to see him then either.

This is the Pierce Arrow, not sure if that's really how you spell it, but his grandpa owns the only one that exists in THE WHOLE WORLD!! It doesn't look perfect in the pic since he is still fixing some stuff on it so its hood is off.

This is an old milk truck and he hasn't even started to fix it up yet but I thought it was cool so I took a pic.

Here are the cars that are done.



This year definately started out with a BANG! For both Sky and I it was out with the old and in with the new! Which is so ironic because as I was writing our Christmas card I was thinking why am I even writing this card our lives are going to be changing drastically in the coming months! So let me explain.... back in December Sky and I thought at any day we would be hearing back from Baylor on whether or not Sky had gotten into their law school to start in the Spring semester aka February 2nd was the first day of class. Going to Baylor in the spring had been the plan all along which is why we both killed ourselves all of 2011 with school so we could both graduate in December. I mean we were so set on going Sky had put in his resignation to Wells Fargo that his last day would be December 31, 2011 and I had told Knead A Massage to plan on me quitting then to. However, this is not what happened! We got wait listed at Baylor close to the end of December and then I got my DREAM job! We decided to move on with our lives and just try to go with the flow. I quit Knead A Massage December 31, 2011 and started at the The Grand Spa at The Grand America Hotel January 2, 2012. Sky decided to start looking for a job and by January 17th had 3 job offers - Marriott Hotel, Zions Bank, and Wells Fargo. He chose to stick with Wells Fargo but now instead of being a lead teller at a branch he works at the Wells Fargo call in center which is close to the SLC airport. All of January we waited to hear back from Baylor since they told us if we don't get a call by Feb 2nd aka the first day of class then we didn't get in. Well Feb 2nd came and went and now we have moved onto PLAN B. Which is we'll both work a ton and save and save, wait to hear back from other schools then decide which law school we will go to in the fall, travel (hopefully to Europe for two weeks), and then start law school in the fall. Here are some pics of where I work! I couldn't find any of the massage rooms online so I'll have to take some myself and then post them. I love everything about my new job it is the one massage job I have always wanted it is really a treat to work there it just seems too good to be true!

Now here is the list of schools we have applied to and if I haven't written anything next to them it means we haven't heard back from them yet.

1. Pacific
2. Southwestern
3. Chapman

1. University of Idaho

1. University of Nevada Las Vegas

1. BYU
2. University of Utah

1. Baylor - Wait list for Spring, still waiting to hear about Summer or Fall
2. Texas Tech - Wait list

1. Creighton - Accepted w/half tuition scholarship

1. Tulsa - Accepted w/half tuition scholarship

1. Loyola - Deny
2. Chicago Kent - Wait list

1. Washington & Lee - Deny
2. Richmond
3. Regent - Accepted w/half tuition scholarship


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Before and After

1. BEDROOM ARMOIRE - I found this piece at Goodwill on sale for $70, I talked it down to $50 since I complained that the stains looked like blood! lol When I got it home I washed it down really good, put contact paper on the shelves, had a hole drilled into one shelf with a board placed under the hole so the flat screen would fit, got new handles for it from Anthropology, and got the cute compartment boxes for our clothes and shoes from IKEA!


2. KITCHEN TABLE - This table was given to us for free from Sky's grandparents, before it belonged to us it belonged to several other newly wed couples on that side of the family, we're pretty sure its over 20 years old. Sky and I tiled it with Mike and then Janet helped me reupholster the chairs and Sky and I spray painted the legs of the table and chairs.


3. KITCHEN BACKSPLASH - I like to affectionately call the old color "puke green"


4. MY WHOLE APARTMENT - I remember when Sky and I were engaged and apartment shopping and we walked into our apartment and I started crying because I hated it so much but I knew it was the best we could afford! lol All the walls were sterile white and cinder block and the bathroom looked like it belonged in a jail/insane asylum. But then we moved in and made it a home! Its amazing what a little paint and fabric can do! I love our apartment so much now, its so cozy and so us! Sorry I have no before pics only after!

5. OUR BEDROOM - This is the most recent before and after, our original bedroom stuff was nice so I never remodeled the bedroom. I was so focused on getting the living room/kitchen to look good so I chose browns, warm tones, and colors that would help both rooms fit together and flow since it is just one big room. This flow also flowed into the bathroom and nook which are also brown and warm tones. But then after over a year all that brown made me so annoyed with our brown bedroom and since its a room all its own I figured I could make it totally different! So I chose light, cheerful, and airy colors that would go along with my Greece painting that my Grandpa is painting for me! The before pic is what I posted online when I sold our bed and dresser online, it is not actually what our bedroom looked like (I used to have the dresser against the wall with our gold mirror and this vase thing on it). But anyway it was way cool cause it cost nothing to remodel the bedroom because everything I bought was paid for by what I was able to sell online!!!