Thursday, November 15, 2012

Glider Before and After

There are many things you find out when you are pregnant for the first time that shock you. One of them is how expensive baby stuff is, for instance gliders! They can range anywhere from $150 at WalMart to $650 at high end baby furniture stores! After looking for one for months I finally decided to just go with the cheapest one at WalMart because luckily it was on sale for $130 instead of $150 and someone had given me a gift card to WalMart at the Utah baby shower. However, as I was waiting for it to be shipped to me I discovered this little gem at Salvation Army for only $20.

After calling Amy to see if I could really do this project, since I had never done a sewing before and after project, and she assured me I could I bought it and didn't look back. I bought the fabric online for $30 and the spray paint from WalMart for $15. Wesley sanded and spray painted the chair for me and my friend Teriann helped me with the reupholstering! The finished product was well worth all the time and hassle!


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